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Revision Policy

The main objective of Optimum Research Solutions is to satisfy a customer but if a customer is not satisfied so we provide a free unlimited revision to our customer, to meet his requirement. When a customer feels that our work is not according to his requirement then he just needs to inform our customer service centre, which is always available for the help.


A customer should give us instruction regarding the amendment but it should match his actual requirement and if we found out that it does not meet his actual requirement then we will not do the revision.

Extra charges

We will charge extra money if we found out that the customer’s new requirement for revision is different from his actual requirement because we provide a free revision to meet the customer’s actual requirement that he gave us initially.

Delivery date

Delivery dates can change if a customer asks us to revise your assignment close to the deadline.

Revision period

When we deliver an assignment after completing it, a customer should check it completely and then he should inform us within 2 weeks whether he is satisfied or he wants a revision in his assignment.

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